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Tribal Enrollment Matters

The rights associated with Tribal Membership are among those most important to Tribal people. The pursuit of enrollment with your Tribe and preservation of Tribal Membership while threatened with disenrollment is often complex procedurally and politically. The systems set up in enrollment departments and Tribal tribunals require expertise to navigate successfully. Your rights need protection.

Paula M. Fisher Attorney at Law, P.C., has successfully practiced enrollment law for 17 years. Paula has also obtained dismissals of disenrollment cases for hundreds of Tribal Members. Paula has helped Tribal Member clients throughout the United States. She has worked for Tribal Members preserving their Membership after the threat of disenrollment, and has obtained payment for Tribal Members when their benefits were wrongfully withheld by their Tribe.

She has made thousands of successful court appearances in these combined forums. She brings her vast knowledge and courtroom command to every case she handles. Paula’s firm has enrolled 100 Tribal people as Members of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan, which is one of the most successful Tribes in North America. Paula’s firm aggressively fights for Tribal Membership certification for her clients. Paula encourages Clients to hire her in family groups to help make her services more affordable.

Paula’s firm has the Tribal law background not only to represent individual Tribal people but also to represent entire Tribal governments. She knows the unique challenges that Tribes face and how to meet those challenges.

Paula’s law firm also successfully represents Tribal Members and their families, all over the state of Michigan in the areas of criminal defense and family law and estate planning. Contact us today to discuss your rights.